Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Favorite Bloggers!

So there are some bloggers that I love and adore and think that you might love and adore too!! Some are family, some are friends... some have to do with makeup and some do not! Love them all though! :D


The beautiful Mellie. (<3 my biffer!)

Mellie gives informative, honest reviews of many beauty products, as well as posting makeup, nail and clothing looks! She also posts on other fun stuff! She's a beautiful person, inside and out and you possibly couldn't meet someone more sweet!


The always sassy, always funny, ever talented... QueenBMakeup!

Ale is one of the funniest people I've had the pleasure of meeting online and she's always a riot. She is very blunt and to the point, all while being hilarious. She is very busy right now working on her dreams (SO excited for you girl!), so she doesn't get to update often, but when she does, you are in for a treat! Her looks are never anything less than stunning!


My most favoritest, talented Cousin... DeeDee!

No seriously... she is my most favoritest cousin ever! :) lol Ever since I was little I have loved her to pieces! I honestly believe she is where I get so much of my silliness from! haha (Well ok... it runs in our daddies side of the family...) Anyway... my beautiful cousin is a SUPER talented artist. She makes handmade greeting cards and other unique crafty stuff. You can purchase her products on Etsy.


Another cousin.... Terie!

Terie is actually new to blogging, but you should def check out her blog and see what she's got coming up this next year! SO excited for her!! :D


Sweet, beautiful, stiletto wearing Momma! Melissa!

I have known Melissa and several family members for a LONG time! This is one of the most loving, caring, family oriented well... families, I have ever met in my life.
They are precious... Melissa shares her journey of her family and sharing information on Autism and Autism Awareness! <3


Beautiful, Sweet... Kandee Johnson.

I don't know her, but she makes you feel as if you do. She is an inspiration to many, including myself. She shares up and downs of her life... gives amazing makeup/health/beauty tips, post beautiful makeup tutorials and so much more. Her name fits her perfect, for she is as sweet as candy. <3


Fantastic Nails -

Emerald Sparkled

The Nail Polish Addict -

Okies! That's all for now! I have several more, but these are the first ones I wanted to throw out there!


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